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Feel us.

It all starts from a house, we danced all night long, chatted up with friends, dyed walls with paint and had a good time. This is how everything started, simply from the walls.

Walls became art prints, art prints became real art and real art because of our target. And the target was to paint the whole world with splashes of emotions and feelings. Love, joy, happiness, peace, that’s all truly defines and drives us.

We want to show the world this unknown power, this color euphoria. Everyone is welcome to feel and share.

Touch us.

We worked hard on checking measurements and shape, monitor the quality, correct direction of seams and different colors of threads. We do “wear and tear” tests and note each detail, listen to the views of each customer.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you find “Easter eggs” on our t-shirts. Our designers are geniuses of art, they hide elements in our designs, so every timе you’ll have a chance to play “hide-and-seek” and look for new creatures.

We’ll appreciate if you leave a comment. It takes 5 minutes and will help us to improve our skills.

Be us.

What is magic? Magic is when the first light hits the fabric. You can be sure that it will impress you without a doubt.

Here are majestic lions and brave leopards, elegant flamingo and captured as if in flight butterflies, attractive girls who will win you over with their smile. Just reach us with your hand, you are so close to us. You can hear the roar of the wind, beach, and sun. That’s you will find when you get to know the paradise of “Hawaii Palm”. Every little breeze is sighing of a song of life.

Do you feel that? Here there are. Aofmoka World.

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Blacklight Glow Effect

GLOW EFFECT – under UV LED Black Light Lamp and Natural Sun light. Each piece made with special printing technology that allows for extremely vibrant colors that will never fade away.

Only from our company you can order this original product, pick your size and design you like! If you have Chromadepth Glasses or Blacklight Lamp you open up Ultraviolet 3D Universe, that certainly cannot be described, it’s the most incredible thing that you have ever seen!

Handmade Art

HANDMADE ART – is Individual and Personalized, design ideas produced by aofmoka Brand with Creative designers and artists around the world. Most of the art comes from collaborative fun moments, physically expressed on the canvas.

Original works are very expensive and we offer you to see them on our t-shirts. We have a lot of designs: the views of Hawaii and California Beach, cats, dogs, elephants and peacocks, famous models, geometric figures and splashes, you name it…

Right Size

COMFY TEE – Regular Fit Short Sleeve Round Collar T-Shirt, extremely Soft Stretchy Fabric. Perfect for parties,celebrations,affairs,feasts and Bdays. It can be a gift for everyone,for Mother’s and Father’s Day,for Sister or Brother,for Kids Teens and Adult holidays, for Independence Day, Patric’s day, Christmas, Graduation events and so on.

Also good for hiking, fitness, walking, dancing. Fits in well with leggings pants skirts funny hats and caps. Go Crazy with our T-Shirts!

Soft fabric

QUALITY – is the most important for us. Material always stays bright even after many washes,without ever fading,cracking or peeling. The material is super thin,elastic and cool,doesn’t get too hot or too cold, breathable and great to wear all day.

Stretchy fabric allows use Tee for Sports, Workout and other activities, can get it wet without any bad effects. Be free that your lovely Tee Shirt will be excellent and get many compliments every time!

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CLICK ME Elegant Elephant Leopard Africa Splash Flamingo Hawaii Palm CLICK ME
All Over Print Design
Glow under UV Blacklight Lamp Effect
Round Neck
Regular Fit
Detailed Size Chart
Department men men men women women women
Characters animals, flora, abstract, galaxy animals, flora, abstract, galaxy animals, flora animals, flora animals, flora animals, flora
Designs Available more than 40 more than 40 more than 10 more than 10 more than 10 more than 10
It can be perfect for glow party birthday party raves and festivals dancing contects family holidays everyday life